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Autor: Blutlecker Verfasst am 26. 03. 2008
Ultrastats Update auf 0.2.142
Mal wieder ein kleines Update der allseits beliebten Ultrastats. Es wurden einige Bugs beseitigt. Da die Stats aber immer noch in der Beta-Phase sind, können immer noch kleinere Bugs auftreten. Besonders der Krieger wird sich über die hinzugekommene Claymore/C4 Medaille freuen.
Die Zeitangaben sollten jetzt auch funktionieren. Da ich nicht die gesamten Stats auf 0 setzen wollte, kann es noch zu kleineren Differenzen kommen
[ktext=Gefixt wurden:]# Fixed Teamkill logging, should now work as expected for Cod4 (thanks to
the flawed logging format)

# Fixed minor menu bugs.

# Added workaround for Roundresult Counting for the TDM (WAR) Gametype.

# Added TimeMod from ramirez, automatically detected.

# Fixed missing Medal Description, also added german description of the

# Fixed minor parser bugs.

# Fixed ignoring chat logging if disabled

# Removed info-teams.php links, they couldn't display much useful
information anyway.

# Banning Players caused SQL Error's.

# Fixed several MYSQL Error's in the round-detail view.

# Added Knife Medal, thanks to Hunter for the Knife Medal Picture Smilie

# Fixed Sniper Medal (thanks to postings in the forums)

# Kill Count differed from the Killer Medal, this Problem has been fixed in
the Parser. This means in order to correct this, you will need to reparse
the gamelogs.

# Fixed several display bugs in the Weapon Menu, database upgrade required
which will be done automatically once you login into the admin center

# Playernames with < and > don't cause Problems anymore. Existing
installations will need to recreate Alias HTML Code (See Server Admin

# Medals with NULL results will not be added anymore.

# Fixed numerous PHP NOTICES (Only visible when PHP Debugging was enabled)

# Parser now ignores chat loglines, if disabled in Admin Center!

# Minor other bugfixes... [/ktext]

[ktext=Hinzugekommen sind:]# Added Medal Detail Page, now you can see other places for the medal as

# Added Claymore Medal

# Medals can now be turned off and on seperately in the admin center.

# Added damagetype detail page, which also includes "KNIFE"
kills as MOD_MELEE kills.

# Added screenshots for a lot of new custom maps for cod4.

# Replace gamelauncher:// links with hlsw://, might be more useful for
some people.

# Many new themes (Skins) available, thanks a lot to Encore and Willstar

# Last 8 digits of the Punkbuster GUID are displayed in the Player Details
view now, and linked to www.punksbusted.com
player search repository. This helps finding cheaters ;)!

# Added german descriptions for many weapons and gametypes.

# Added Cod4 Team Icons

# Added Display Names for many new Cod4 custom maps (thanks to hunter)

# Added Option to search for Punkbuster GUIDs in the player search.

# Hardened all UltraStats include files against register_globals attack. [/ktext]

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